Cartographer's League Compass

A magical compass.


While largely similar to a Wayfinder compass, right down to the slot for an Ioun Stone, this compass is in fact the badge of office for members of the Cartographer’s League. It has the special ability that, when the tip is placed to any point on a relatively accurate map (relative to the knowledge of the mapmaker… even crude doodles work if done by someone who has seen the place in question), the compass will point to that place rather than magnetic north.


How Xin came to be in possession of the compass prior to his memory loss is still a mystery to him and the others. The most likely explanation is not a nice one, but it’s entirely possible it was simply purchased for a high price in some backwater market. (One can hope, anyway.) The encounter with League members Yuri and Thomas would indicate that however they came by it, it is the party’s property now.

Cartographer's League Compass

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